Table Topics

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The main focus of the afternoon will be a series of round table sessions, designed to give attendees a session tailored to your sector. Tables of 8 will be hosted by industry experts around a particular topic.

Conference No.8 welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas. This is not about delivering a sales presentation – it’s about stimulating serious business debate within your area of expertise.

We’ve suggested three main topic areas: Seed, Succeed and Succession. As a delegate, you will get to choose up to four topics in advance, so that you only receive advice and information directly relevant and of interest to you. Once you’ve booked your place we’ll contact you and ask you to make your selection.


Protect Your Future, hosted by JMW Focusing on company structure/shareholders agreements, trademarking and insurances.
Property MattersWhy making the right property choices to can help your business get aheadhosted by OBI Property In this interactive session you’ll learn how to choose the best location for your office, what’s happening in the city and be taken on a whistle-stop tour of Manchester’s hotspots and the reasons why they’ll suit your business. There’ll also be practical advice whether you’re moving from your back bedroom to your first business premises, looking to work smarter and leaner or embarking on a major office fit out, plus lots of useful tips on controlling cost, what you should be paying and what the small print in your lease really means.
Removing Barriers to Growth
hosted by Berg
Exploring the barriers to growth including the SME lending landscape, alternative routes to funding and joint ventures, culture & relationships.


Technology Means Progress,
hosted by Lapdog 4 Business
Focusing on digital/online/connected devices and their impact on business. This table will discuss how businesses are using technology to improve things such as lead generation but also improve efficiency internally
Always Be Connecting
hosted by Big Knows
In order to sell you need to connect, this interactive session will teach you how to profile a person or people and how to tailor your pitch to make them want to buy what you’re selling.
Financial Readiness,
hosted by NatWest
‘A growing business requires lots and lots of management time – winning new business, managing the growing resource and operational demands, looking after staff, working closely with suppliers etc. So how do you find time to manage your finances too? Here we will be looking at the importance of an FC and FD in a growing business, KPI’s and how they can help you manage growth effectively, regular good quality Management Information and ways to manage a growing working capital requirement.’


Being CEO,
hosted by Gary Chaplin
Becoming CEO is seen by many as the ultimate career goal. But is it? What does it take to get there? What does being a CEO mean? How easy is it to go from ‘Geek’ to CEO? Is being a NED worth it? …and how is a CEO a very different animal from an MD?
From Humdrum – Premium, how to make buyers want to buy your business
hosted by Local Business Partners
You may be ready to sell your business but are you aware of all the key factors that make your business saleable and are you aware of the characteristics that mean it isn’t. This session will provide you with tools for measuring your business, where you are and more importantly where you want to be.
Maximising Shareholder Value
hoted by PwC
Why acquiring another business might be your next business step, and if you’re ready to exit, what ought you consider from a valuation, taxation and financial planning perspective